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Zong Facebook Packages

Zong Facebook Packages

Zong Facebook Packages – Internet Offers & Subscription Codes

Facebook has conquered the world with its impeccable prevalence all around the world. Therefore, all the telecom companies in the world including Pakistan found it inevitably important to meet the socialization needs of their customers and introduced internet packages for the usage of social networks that mostly include Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter.

For people who love socializing with their friends on Facebook all day and night, Zong has introduced cheap social Facebook packages for one day, one week, or the whole month so that users stay connected with family and friends. So, Let’s find out what these packages have to offer the users.

Zong Daily Facebook Package:

Zong Facebook daily offer allows the user to consume a volume of 50MB of social network data for Facebook. This offer costs just Rs.5 plus tax for one-day usage. The activation code for this offer is *6464#. In order to check the remaining MBs, you just need to dial *102# and it charges 10 paise plus tax per inquiry.

The out of bundle rate is Rs.1 + Tax/MB and will be charged as per the bundle inquiry. However, if you consume data without any bundle subscribed, the default rate of Rs.4 + tax/MB will be charged.

Zong Weekly Facebook Package:

This highly reputed telecommunication company offers a weekly data bundle with a 3G/4G package. It allows a 2.5GB internet usage with a validity of 7 days and costs you Rs.120 + Tax. To activate, you just have to dial *6464#. To check the bundle status, you have to dial *102#.

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Zong Monthly Facebook packages:

For customers who like to socialize the whole month and always stay connected to their friends and family, Zong brings a monthly Facebook package. The monthly bundle offers 6GB of internet data so that you can enjoy and explore all the features of Facebook.

To subscribe to this amazing offer, you just have to spend Rs.75 plus tax. You can enjoy the bundle by dialing *250# once. Just get a recharge of Rs.100 through a prepaid card or easy load. Millions of users in Pakistan look for such an inexpensive Facebook package that comes with a good volume at an affordable cost.

For social experts to explore the joyous features of Facebook for the entire month, Zong brings an exciting package for Facebook that makes you enjoy using Facebook for the whole month. This monthly package allows them to use Facebook with all its features including video streaming and live streaming. You can upload images, comment on Facebook posts and connect with your friends using Messenger.

This monthly package will cost you just Rs.75 for the entire month’s fun. Also, the offer can be activated by sending the SMS sub “MFB” to 6464.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Customers having the prepaid GSM SIM can activate this offer
  2. The data available can be used for Facebook and messenger
  3. It is an auto-recursive offer within 7 days of the suspension period
  4. You can report unethical messages by texting the Sender’s number space message to 9000-PTA
  5. Taxes and charges would be applicable
  6. Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 12.5% is applied on every recharge
  7. Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% on usage is applied
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Free Facebook on Zong SIM

Zong customers are now enjoying the free Facebook offer from Zong using their zong SIM. Zong launched Facebook Flex for its prepaid customers in order to provide Facebook service. The Facebook flex/free allows you to switch between data mode and free mode.

The data mode works when you have subscribed to any other internet package and you will be charged as per the rate of your package subscribed. Whereas, the free mode costs nothing and you can post status, like posts, comment, chat, and send requests. If you have subscribed to any internet package, no MBs will be consumed.

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